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Religious Trauma Therapy in Greenville, SC

Wondering if you have religious trauma? What the signs are for religious trauma/religious discomfort? Here are some common signs that can help you make sense of your experience: 
  • Sense of isolation, being an “outsider” if you leave the community
  • Pervasive feelings of guilt and shame (I’m bad for feeling this way)
  • A loss of a community (family, friends, romantic relationships)
  • Sexual shame, self-loathing, feeling inherently bad
  • Feeling “behind the times” 
  • Labeled “sinner” or “broken” for disagreeing with community/fear of expressing self
  • Difficulty separating self from the community
  • Inability to trust self
  • Struggling to find a purpose outside of community
  • Being told you are unworthy due to thoughts and beliefs
  • Use of doctrine to justify abuse 
  • Brainwashing/forced to follow community’s rules
  • Feeling “lesser than” due to sexuality or gender
  • Sexual abuse in marriage, being forced to have sex for a higher purpose
  • Assignment of gender roles, most commonly roles that denigrate women
Religion has a lot of benefit in society, but sometimes it can cause unwanted confusion, pain, and heartache. I specialize in working with people who have been hurt by their religious community or are questioning their faith or belief system. Maybe you are having a faith crisis and don’t know what you believe anymore. Maybe you are having a faith transition, leaving one faith for another. Maybe you are feeling isolated, unaccepted, or confused by your religion’s teachings. Maybe you need a place to talk and explore your questions that is private and neutral.
Whatever it may be, I would love to hear from you. I offer in-person religious trauma therapy in Greenville, SC and virtual religious trauma therapy throughout South Carolina and Utah.


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