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Religion has a lot of benefit in society, but sometimes it can cause unwanted confusing pain and heartache. I specialize in working with people who been hurt by their religious community or are questioning their faith or belief system.
Maybe you are having a faith crisis and don’t know what you believe anymore. Maybe you are having a faith transition, leaving one faith for another belief system. Maybe you are feeling isolated, unaccepted, or confused by your religion’s teachings. Maybe you need a place to talk and explore your questions that is private and neutral.
Whatever it may be, I would love to hear from you.

Trauma and IFS

The effects of trauma can impact daily life when we least expect it.

Some effects of trauma can be:
Feeling numb
Feeling keyed up or on edge
Intrusive thoughts/memories
Emotional distress
Avoiding triggers
Avoiding people

I use a groundbreaking therapy model called IFS or Internal Family Systems therapy which I have seen work wonders with healing the effects of trauma.

IFS helps understand with compassion and curiosity the parts of us that react so strongly to trauma, such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal feelings, numbing, over-eating, etc. IFS soothes and heals these parts until you feel safe and ready to access the parts of you who were hurt by the traumatic experience.

IFS is on your timetable and only with your permission to work with traumatized parts. That’s why I love IFS.